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Whether you are a student or a parent, staying positive has taken a more important role in life than ever before. Worrying is a key part of human evolution, but it is best used in moderation and balance with positivity.

Did you know that too much worrying can actually cause physical health issues like stomach problems, headaches, and insomnia? It is a common habit, especially due to the state of our world at the moment while we strive to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether the Coronavirus is running rampant or not, the following are some steps you can take to reduce your worrying and stay positive:


Set aside 30 minutes of “worry time” every day at the same time. Outside of that time, write down your worries but don’t engage with them unless you are planning, sorting, or prioritizing.

Meditation and Mindfulness:

Stop to focus on your breathing and senses. Rather than engaging in your thoughts, let them pass by like bubbles floating through the air.

Acknowledge Successes:

Keep a notebook near your bed. Before you go to sleep, write down 5 accomplishments. The only rule is that you cannot use the same one twice, so be specific!


Be kind to yourself. There is no such thing as “should.” Do not put unrealistic expectations on yourself or others. It is counterproductive to require your ideal situation for your sanity.

Take action:

If your issue is in your control, write out what steps you need to take to change it. If it is uncontrollable, let it pass like one of those previously mentioned bubbles.

Try out some apps like Headspace or Calm for your meditations or tips like these. If you’re a public healthcare professional, you can get Headspace plus for free right now!


Which letter (S, M, A, R, or T) represents your next mindful step in maintaining your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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