3 Positive Effects of the Corona Virus on Students

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Students are being given more control over their education than ever. In the old days, getting married and having children at 15 may have been considered more normal. Now that the average young person isn’t going that route, there are many other tasks that they must carry out on their own. This can be anything from completing their homework to applying for college. Their structured classroom environment has morphed into learning WHAT they need to learn and HOW to learn independently.

School was already difficult before the coronavirus struck the world. In some ways, the coronavirus has had a positive effect on education. Recent developments caused by the virus outbreak might be better for them than they thought!


Class schedules are no longer controlled by a bell.

You determine your own class schedule by working with your teachers and family.

The pace is up to you.

You don’t have to miss school for things like doctor appointments and daytime events.

Fun can happen during the day and that school work time can be plugged in later, or you can just work at a faster pace so you’re done sooner.


Students who are eager to learn don’t have to deal with other students talking.

There is no more in-person bullying, reducing physical and mental injuries.

You know everyone in your own home.

It is much less likely to have a shooting at your home than in your school. (What a time to be alive…)

If you have physical issues with sitting at a desk or being in one position for long periods of time, you can alter your “cockpit,” as I like to call it, and make your workspace suit your strengths and goals.


Children and young adults are glued to their technology, but aren’t using it in the best way. Kids are using it to distract themselves from reality, procrastinate, play mindless games, scroll through social media, post inappropriate content, pass negative judgment on people, argue about politics, and even stalk people.

This pandemic has forced them to find ways to use technology to their advantage in education. They are learning how to conduct research, connect with people, ask for help, create documents, assess reliability of sources, discover new things, and stay up to date with news.

Students are no longer confined to the amount of information their teacher can manage to fit into one hour. They can find ways to solve problems that cater to their own unique way of thinking and spend as much time as their personalized schedule will allow


What other ways have you been positively affected by the way the world is adapting to the Covid 19 pandemic?

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