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Our approach to educational achievement involves more than just tutoring. We make a pact for success with each of our students: Follow our comprehensive strategies and we’ll raise your test scores, improve your study skills, inspire independent learning and boost your confidence. All of our tutors have attended top universities and aspire not only to teach, but to motivate your child to achieve more for themselves, taking the pressure off of your relationship and opening up their eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Test Prep

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Are you prepared to take an important test? Our knowledgeable tutors will be by your side, helping you study for a wide range of tests.


Subject Tutoring


Our tutors can assist any student struggling with Math, Science, or the Humanities. We can help with many of the difficult advanced courses.


SAT Test Prep

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The most important test for college acceptance is the SAT. We can help you prepare for the SAT so that you are accepted to your dream college.


Our Tutors

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Our dedicated tutors come from some of the best universities in California, including Stanford, UCLA, and UC Irvine.